Cruise Shore Excursions

Cruise Shore Excursions

Taking a cruise to Alaska is a great way to see Juneau, and the cruise Shore Excursions offer a tremendous value. Glacier Gardens is a proud partner with all of the major cruise lines visiting Juneau; they offer many different combination tours and do all the planning and transportation for you so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Visit your cruise line’s sales office, or follow the links below to find the perfect Glacier Garden tour while you’re in Alaska’s Capital City.

Princess Tours: Glacier Gardens & Mendenhall Glacier and Glacier Gardens Exploration & Alaska State Museum

Disney Tours: Mendenhall Glacier & Rainforest Garden Adventure and Deluxe Tour of Juneau

Royal Caribbean Tours: Mendenhall Glacier & Gardens and Glacier Gardens and Culinary Experience (abbreviated walking tour)

Holland America Tours: Grand Tour of Juneau and Rain Forest Garden Exploration & Alaska State Museum

orwegian Cruises Tours: Mendenhall Glacier, Hatchery, & Gardens and Mendenhall Glacier and Gardens

Carnival Cruises Tours: Mendenhall Glacier & Gardens

Celebrity Tours: Mendenhall Glacier & Gardens & Chef Market Discoveries & Alaska’s Wild Flavors and Private Dinner

Crystal Serenity: Juneau Highlights (JNU-A) (follow the link, choose “Alaska Cruises” and select page 3; JNU-A is halfway down the page)