Eagle Web Cam

Eagle Web Cam

A pair of Alaskan Bald Eagles built a nest on the Glacier Gardens property in 2004 and since then have fledged several adolescent bald eagles into the great Alaskan wild. In 2009 we set up a video camera in an adjacent tree to capture some fascinating images as the couple returns each year to raise their offspring. Below is a live stream of the video feed where you can watch as Momma and Poppa eagle tend to their nest and the baby eagle grows up before your eyes.


Summer 2016: After over a month of incubating their egg and having a small hatchling come to life in the nest, the resident eagle pair lost their baby eaglet in the first week of its little life. The nest could have been robbed of their baby by another eagle or a raven, the eaglet could have fallen from the nest, but most likely the eaglet was a runt and not strong enough to continue eating during the first couple days of life. It is very sad, and we feel for the eagles and hope they come back to their nest and have another offspring during next year’s mating season. For now, we wait until they return for brief stops throughout the day but sightings will be less frequent without an eaglet to raise to health.

Please wait patiently while the eagle webcam loads here:

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Eagle Nest Highlights

We have compiled hundreds of hours of nest footage and have captured some never before seen looks at the every day life of an Alaskan Bald Eagle. Here are a few highlights that got our attention.

We watched on as the eagles returned to their nest in early spring to enjoy a snow flurry. Cross your fingers that we will see them incubating an egg soon!

Unfortunately (for us and our viewers) the eaglet fledged from the nest on September 4th, 2012. Although we will not see the Jr. eagle much more this fall and winter, we’re happy to have witnessed another successful offspring make it into the great Alaskan wilderness, and are eagerly anticipating the return of our adult eagle pair in the spring of 2013.

We zoom in to admire the beak and facial features of these beautiful birds and their intimidating stare.

There is no privacy from our camera! We caught the eagle pair in a flurry of Eagle Magic on April 10th, 2012.