Eagle Web Cam

Eagle Web Cam

A pair of Alaskan Bald Eagles built a nest on the Glacier Gardens property in 2004 and since then have fledged several adolescent bald eagles into the great Alaskan wild. In 2010 we set up a video camera in an adjacent tree to capture some fascinating images as the couple returns each year to raise their offspring. In 2017 the camera was upgraded to an HD stream and broadcasting on YouTube for viewers around the world. Enjoy the views of our eagle residents below and visit Glacier Gardens in Juneau, AK, for more eagle excitement!


April 2019 –  The eagle pair have been spotted in the nest rearranging branches in the nest bowl for the upcoming summer. We anticipate incubation to begin in late April and last through late May. Last summer we were spoiled with two eaglets fledgling from the nest right before our eyes, and we eagerly look forward to this summer’s nesting activities. Subscribe to the YouTube live stream or follow some of the dedicated viewers for photos and videos at the Glacier Gardens Eagle Cam Facebook page.

We got a brief yet interesting look at the nest activity right after the hatchling sprung to life in the summer of 2016. The eaglet hatchling was not strong to survive and perished soon after this video was published.

We watched on as the eagles returned to their nest in early spring to enjoy a snow flurry. Cross your fingers that we will see them incubating an egg soon!

Unfortunately (for us and our viewers) the eaglet fledged from the nest on September 4th, 2012. Although we will not see the Jr. eagle much more this fall and winter, we’re happy to have witnessed another successful offspring make it into the great Alaskan wilderness, and are eagerly anticipating the return of our adult eagle pair in the spring of 2013.

We zoom in to admire the beak and facial features of these beautiful birds and their intimidating stare.

There is no privacy from our camera! We caught the eagle pair in a flurry of Eagle Magic on April 10th, 2012.