Frequently Asked Questions

When is a good time to visit the Gardens?

Any time! Glacier Gardens offers a spectacular environment to visit no matter the time of year (May-Sept). We grow all of our flowers locally starting them indoors so we can plant full grown and flowering plants as soon as spring arrives. Color abounds with thousands upon thousands of annuals planted each spring, and perennial flowering trees and shrubs will add to the botanical mix throughout the summer. The unmatched Tongass Forest habitat is striking no matter the time of year you visit. We smell the skunk cabbage in spring when it releases it’s pungent flower buds, watch as the dormant forest rebounds to life, discover the blueberries, huckleberries, and other appetizing delights of the forest, and admire the towering canopy and sustainable forest complexion while scanning the landscapes for wildlife.

How long do the tours take?

An average stay at Glacier Gardens is about 1.5-2 hours, but a tour can be accomplished in as little as an hour if time constraints are a concern. The fully guided tour is included with your admission and your admission ticket is good for all day access to the lower botanical garden and Visitor Center Atrium.

How do I find Glacier Gardens?

Glacier Gardens enjoys being secluded in the Tongass Forest, but that makes us a little harder to find. We are located one mile from the Juneau International Airport and seven miles from the downtown Juneau cruise ship docks. Capital Transit buses leave from downtown Juneau and drop you off directly in front of the entrance to Glacier Gardens at the Gastineau Humane Society stop. You want to take bus route #3 or #4 going to the Mendenhall Valley, and returning to downtown Juneau from the same stop (click here for the bus schedule). Taxi service is available from any location and most hotels offer complimentary shuttle service.
See our Transportation page for additional information.

Are there any walking paths?

There are a couple 100 feet of pathways through our lower botanical gardens to view the planting displays, but walking on the cart pathways posses a safety hazard and is strictly prohibited. As such, there are no un-guided walking tours available at Glacier Gardens.